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2/14/2015 10:27 PM

Rallycross SuperCars (Div 1) Owner: fbi-motors Engine: cosworth Suspension: proflex Gears ... : GBS sequential 5 speed cosworth yb 2.0 8 x injectors /manifold mountune MIS /turbo garrett

9/21/2015 3:05 PM

Class:A Ford Sierra Cosworth, 1988, 2WD, Rosso

3/27/2016 10:38 PM

side:Left Cosworth, the vehicle is newly built from new parts

11/7/2016 10:06 AM

Class:A8 Transmission:FFD Escort Cosworth Gr. A , cambio FFD 6 marce nuovo, centralina Pectel

11/5/2016 7:59 PM

Rallycross SuperCars (Div 1) Owner: fbi-motors Engine: cosworth Suspension: proflex Gears: 5 ... speed sequential cosworth yb 2.0 ecu pectel 8 x injectors /manifold mountune MIS /turbo garrett

6/2/2017 6:57 PM

Rallycross SuperCars (Div 1) Owner: Risto Lepik Built: 2011 Engine: Cosworth YB200 ... Suspension: Escort group N Gears: 5 speed SuperCar Escort RS Cosworth Body completely sanded and built ... followers. Turbo – Escort Cosworth Gp A (360°) Gp N clutch and close ratio gearbox. Quaife LSD front diff

1/25/2016 1:03 AM

Rallycross SuperCars (Div 1) Owner: Kazimieras Gudziunas Built: 2002 Engine: Cosworth 2.0 ... of spare parts, wheels e.t.c. all transmission is from the exworks Escort Cosworth Grp A tarmac

9/13/2018 3:54 PM

FS: Cosworth BDA Engine . Includes Jennings style engine crate and shipping within the CONUS

10/2/2018 7:29 AM

Lower part of the engine Cosworth DFZ; V8 3495 cc (68.6 mm stroke and 90 mm bore) with: engine ... . Pieces not sold separately. We have available various spare parts for Cosworth V8 engines: DFV, DFY, DFZ ... ://www.moreschi.info/magazzino.htm#COSWORTH

8/15/2018 10:23 AM

I have freshly rebuild Cosworth BDG engine for sale. Please contact me if interested for more

7/17/2018 11:07 PM

I have for sale Cosworth BDH Engine,The engine has been in a small race car (Lola). recently

4/10/2016 10:36 PM

For sale, Unique collection of 3 Ex Boreham Works Ford Sierra RS Cosworth, and 1 Ex Wolf Racing car

4/18/2015 8:13 PM

Cosworth Engine: 200 block. Cylinder head just after full rebuild New gaskets, bolts, timing belt, etc

1/18/2016 10:00 AM

Wheel side:Left For sale: Ford Escort Cosworth group N

5/16/2018 12:56 AM

original blueprints and Ford Motorsport documentation. Fantastic option for a high-spec Escort Cosworth

2/26/2018 5:42 AM

Bellhousing for gerarbox Hewland FG400 and Cosworth DFV engine Length: 4+5/16 Inc (4,313 Inc - 110

10/24/2018 6:47 AM

the engines, bringing the maximum displacement up to 2000 cm³; using Cosworth and BMW engines, which ... dominated the seasons until '76. Engine Cosworth BDA 1975 cc - 313 Hp, with Lucas Mk1 mechanical injection

8/3/2018 12:40 AM

Cosworth 2-litre BDG. 3-bolt head, 50mm DCOE's,

7/23/2018 3:13 PM

I have for sale Cosworth BDH Engine,The engine has been in a small race car (Lola).recently rebuild

11/6/2018 9:54 PM

Factory date:1990 Very clean Sierra 4×4 cosworth little use last number of years last event

11/11/2018 10:43 AM

LORRTEC Ford Cosworth BDG 2L Engines Ford Escort MK1, MK2 Formula 2, formula Atlantic

11/19/2018 9:27 AM

Gr A Cosworth parts for sale : 909 steering rack 909 saphire mud flaps (set of 4) Frt light new

12/5/2015 1:16 AM

race car: the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth. This car brings racing technology in the luxury class and still ... a tough opponent at every rally. We offer you a Ford Sierra RS Cosworth, who also took part in ... international rallies early 90s. This Ford Sierra RS Cosworth is located in an excellent condition and is just

5/16/2017 10:03 PM

Year: 1997 97 ford escort rs cosworth lhd competition car. genuine cosworth with v5 logbook

7/2/2018 8:06 PM

create some competition for their arch rival in Munich. So by 1984 they had enlisted Cosworth to

4/17/2018 6:08 PM

I'm selling a perfect cosworth historic HTP passport GPA gearbox. which comes complete with all

7/30/2018 2:12 AM

Factory date:1993 Hello i am Selling My Genuine Group A Escort Cosworth Ex Ford Motorsport ... Original Full Group A Escort Cosworth reBuilt to Perfection then this is the Car for You Can Deliver

10/22/2018 7:17 AM

Engine Cosworth DFV Formula 1 dummy from exposure. Monobloc former McLaren F1 of the period of the

10/23/2018 6:51 AM

original racing chassis Terzi 09 of 1975 Engine Cosworth BDA 1840 new, Kugelfischer mechanical fuel

3/27/2018 3:40 AM

escort cosworth Gpa 6 speed gearbox in good condition and work excellent.The gearbox is complete

11/9/2018 9:25 PM

Perfect working Escort cosworth FFD 7 speed gearbox. Complete with all parts. worldwide shipping

9/3/2015 2:34 PM

Sierra RS Cosworth project was defined in the spring of 1983 by the then recently appointed head of Ford ... as the basis for the project. Ford Motorsport in Europe approached the automotive company Cosworth ... with such enthusiasm as the original Sierra RS Cosworth, perhaps only the exclusive 500 cars that were ... aside, largely the cars were aesthetically similar to the standard Cosworth. The main differences being ... , Ford rubber mats. EXTERIOR The motorsport cued stylings of this RS Cosworth are utterly breath

1/5/2016 7:31 AM

Year: 1986 Offered is an all original VERY RARE 1986 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth in Pristine

1/5/2016 10:28 PM

a Cosworth Group N with the following specifications: - Body (Mater) Ford Motorsport

2/4/2018 8:27 AM

For Sale an Cosworth 4×4 R&D 6 Speed Dogbox Direct Top. Transmission is overhauled and completely

7/2/2018 2:09 AM

im selling my gearbox and running gear from my 800bhp cosworth powered mk3 escort, genuine ex wrc

4/4/2018 11:11 PM

For Sale an Cosworth 4×4 R&D 6 Speed Dogbox Direct Top. Transmission is overhauled and completely

8/7/2018 2:20 PM

Suche sequentielles 4x4 Getriebe für Cosworth 2.0L Turbo. Looking for a sequential 4x4 Gearbox for ... Cosworth 2.0L Turbo Engine.

9/18/2018 4:51 PM

Up For sale Cosworth 4×4 R&D 6 Speed Dogbox is perfect in everything and it has only done 84km as

10/21/2015 1:01 PM

Cosworth with Fresh Air Suspension: Proflex Gears: Sellholm MPG 4WD IGMAB Sweden full spec ... Alcon Brakes ATL 2015 spec fuel sell under car cosworth management Electric Power box spares

1/4/2016 10:05 AM

Rallycross SuperCars (Div 1) Owner: Steven Volders Built: 2013 Engine: cosworth YB on pectel ... cosworth SQ6 Suspension: Proflex Latest spec Gears: 5 speed sequantial Sellholm MPG 4WD very well

10/13/2015 5:17 AM

Year: 2000 For sale is a comp safari buggy 3.0l boa cosworth engine. Super chip ecu with 10k

10/21/2015 1:01 PM

Rallycross SuperCars (Div 1) Owner: Jürgen Weiß Built: 2011 Engine: YB Cosworth Suspension

5/31/2017 5:52 PM

Rallycross SuperCars (Div 1) Owner: Michaël De Keersmaecker Built: 2007 Engine: Cosworth

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