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9/21/2015 3:08 PM

after revision (10km) , Computers and Motec engine Vipec dyfrów. Safety cage Ireco The engine built on

9/7/2015 3:17 PM

Harry Hockley Motorsport. Weld in cage, linked in to suspension points, weld in seat rails, large

5/15/2019 5:37 PM

N15: Body in excellent condition with a welded safety cage CUSTOM Cages. Real weight is 1300 kg

5/15/2019 4:06 PM

Motorsport Voiture en très bon état général, pare brise neuf, la cage moteur a été repeinte en fin 2011

2/3/2019 7:00 AM

the 2 Times Le Mans Winners!! Weight 795 kg Fia saftey cage Fia fuel cell Ginetta racing seats 6

4/8/2020 11:23 AM

Greece. Shell Unique seam welded shell with full Safety Devices weld in cage with forward triangulation

4/8/2015 1:43 AM

that the Evora is a bargain! - The first characteristic that you notice is the lack of body roll

6/15/2017 5:05 PM

•Alimax Exclusive weld-in cage & door bars •Fuel pump support •Dry sump support •Modified front

1/26/2015 3:54 PM

subsequently used for track days and Sprinting (Barkston Nat B 58 sec) • Fully welded in integral cage with

10/30/2015 12:36 PM

aluminium tank guards Interior Safety Devices Multipoint Cage New Flocked Dash Tera Trip Meter

1/26/2016 3:44 PM

temp , fuel pressure , rear axle temp and ATL fuel.   Security: Full rollover cage

11/23/2015 8:43 PM

understeer and body roll, dramatically improves steering response and control. - Blistein Heavy Duty

4/25/2019 3:33 PM

- tires 35 SIMEX 5 PCS + RIMS With badlock - body matched the Suzuki Samurai / modified - safety cage made

12/20/2014 4:28 PM

Headlamps with Headlamp washers Colour Coded Roll Bar Leather Sports Steering Wheel Reversing

6/8/2017 8:51 PM

, coil springs, an anti-roll bar, and tubular shocks, live axle rear suspension with semi-elliptic leaf

11/24/2015 12:25 PM

sport mode, roll over safety bar, heated headlamp wash, heated seats, memory full electric seats, many

2/15/2016 9:21 PM

handbook supplement - Lancia Delta owner's handbook x 2 (in Japanese and English) - Complete tool roll

2/17/2016 3:20 PM

features and added side impact protection. The tubular steel specification for the front and main roll bars

2/13/2020 6:01 AM

the roll-bar. FIA 2016 tank certificate. Two-Seater Racing Cars - Period IR Car overhauled in 2016

7/13/2015 4:43 PM

Jumbo 3 way Proflex, Bolverk Dog Box, T45 Weld in Cage, AP Racing 4 Pots, 330mm discs, Kazz diff, 245bhp

7/13/2015 8:58 PM

with 6 miles on the odometer. A full cage has been fitted, going down to the diff, through to the

1/5/2016 3:52 PM

were also incorporated. Fitted with a 10 point 'period' bolt in cage with door bars, Sparco Rev drivers

 172 ads Page: