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12.02.2015 13:51

Year: 1973 The LOLA T292 was the successor to the highly successful T290 In fact, over thirty ... LOLA T290s were built by the famous British firm set up by Eric Broadley in 1958. With a view to ... further improving the LOLA T290, Patrick Head and John Barnard, who had both just joined the firm, set to ... reduce the car’s unsprung weight. The excellent results obtained by the “new” LOLA proved the ... modifications to be a great success… In 1973, the LOLA T292 left its rivals with no chance The T292 was ... also a great success both commercially and at a sporting level, since LOLA won the Constructor’s

05.01.2016 13:43

Year: 1972 LOLA T310 The most spectacular car of the CANADIAN-AMERICAN Challenge Cup Two

29.03.2020 09:00

with Weller wheels freshly powder coated. A copy of the Lola specification sheets and component ... story of use, the top, round front and seat are new sourced from TMW moulding ( holder of all Lola molds

25.01.2019 14:32

Year: 1987 1987 Ex luis Sala Lola T-8750 Chassis Nr 06. This car was driven by Luis Sala as a

24.12.2019 20:21

. It was for Lola T70. This gearbox is perfect in everything and it's ready to race. Contact me for

16.12.2019 07:16

The gearbox was completely rebuilt to be used in my previously owned Lola T530 but never made it in

26.01.2015 09:51

won every major Formula 3 title, although Ho-Pin Tung won the 2006 Recaro F3 Cup in a Lola against a

05.08.2015 08:30

was built as a tribute to John Surtees who won the Can-Am series in 1966 in an original Lola T70

10.01.2020 05:31

, Abarth, March, Chevron, BMW, Ford, Bizzarrini, Dallara, Lola, Porsche, AMS are just some of the most

 11 Treffer Page:
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