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25.11.2015 22:05

Audi Ur Quattro


Preis 11000 EUR


  • Car: Audi Quattro


Production date:1985
Class:Group 4

To build Audi A2 Rally car we will use Audi coupe Quattro as a donor car for this project. We already have a car that is standing in our workshop and waiting for a new costumer. Body shell is in a very good condition almost no rust. Parts like bumpers, hood, fenders and trunk will be replaced with A2 rally car body kit
It can be sold in several options:
1- Only chassis with body kit, FIA Sertified safety Roll cage and Original A2 Group B paint work (aprrox 11.000eur);

2-Fully prepared for the race (depend on part list, starting from 20.000euro);

Car comes fully finished, ready for rally race, including:
- FIA approved safety Roll cage;
- Audi 2,2cc. 10 valve turbo engine ;
- Audi Quattro 5 speed gearbox;
- Adjustable rally suspension;
- Homologated seats and seatbelts;
- Original A2 Group B paint work;
- rally car sport passport;
- Full A2 fiberglass body kit. (Kevlar available)

For more info visit our website: www.s1performance.com or write to us info@s1performance.com


Land: Lithuania

Telefon: +37068615035

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