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10.02.2015 19:44

Ford Focus Supercar 126215


Preis 590000 SEK (Swedish Krona)


  • Car: Ford Focus


Rallycross SuperCars (Div 1)
Owner: Fredrik Tiger
Built: 1999 By Mikael Jernberg
Engine: Ford Cosworth YB 750nm 540hkr
Suspension: Öhlins
Gears: Sellholm MPG
Total renovated by Team Tiger RX 2014. All differentials renovated (Sellholm) Stronger hubs front and rear, new CV joints and drive shafts (Sellholm) Restored and refurbished MPG gearbox. Refurbished engine Cosworth YB 2.0L Precision Turbo, Motec M800 controller. Long studs in the block, main bearing in steel. Steel crankshaft, Verdi connecting rods, CP Pistons. Modified cylinderhead. Tibuc intake and / response system. Intercoller from Sellholm. Dry sump pump, air separator and tank from Avaid. The engine is build by Nisse Larsson and adjusted by Vidar Strand. 540hkr 750nm Refurbished Öhlins by (Robert Cameron) Refurbished AP brakes with new discs and pads. All uniballs /bearings is changed on the car. Pedals and handbrake from Suvi Performance. Fuel tank with twin pumps (044) from Sellholm. Large aluminum radiator with 2 fans. Electric power steering with card control gear. Electric waterpump (Stewart) Motec Dasch. Lots of spare parts included. Plastic Molds included to the car. Call for more info Interested in switching to a good Super National car
Ready for race


Land: Sweden

Fredrik Tiger
+46 070-6929247 fredrik@teamtiger.se

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Ford Focus Supercar 126215 Ford Focus Supercar 126215 Ford Focus Supercar 126215 Ford Focus Supercar 126215 Ford Focus Supercar 126215