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11/16/2019 11:41 PM

Original Citroen Sport C2R2 Max bodyshel


Price: 11300


Front bumber:
- lower grill new
- lower part new white paint
- upper part new white paint

Rear bumber new white paint and complete with spoiler

Alternator original

Starter original used two pieces

Steering column original

- inside used complete
- enginebay used complete

Full wirings original

Brake master cylinder

Right door glass

inside heater+ waterhoses original

left rear light

Front headlamp right

Rear door spoiler

Front lower arm left

Front lower arm right

Driveshaft left used 2 pieces

Driveshaft right used 2 pieces

Steering rack electric complete

Rear wheel bearing (inc. Body, bearing and wheel bolts)

Rear wheel bearing (inc. Body and bearing)

Front wheel strut? Complete ( inc. Strut, bearing, body, wheel bolts) left and right both

Rear arms new left and right 3 pieces each side

Complete rear axel used

Throttle body new bosch with seal

Throttle body new bosch

Fuel pump new original

Full ap racing clutch assemply

Electric steering control unit used original citroen sport

Gearbox concender full packet (inc. Concender, pump, filter, hoses)

Short final drive used

Ferodo brake pads front

Ferodo Rear brake pads new two sets

Braid rims dark grey 5.5'-15'

Front brake calipers left and right

Driveshaft left and right max version
New engine hood

Rear sidepanel new left and right two pieces both side

These parts are in good condition even some are used.



Can be shipped