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2/2/2018 6:34 AM

Sunbeam (Hillman) Avenger 2D body


Price: 1700 €


For sale Sunbeam (Hillman) Avenger 2D LHD body.
Manufactured 1974/-75. Whole car stripped and body partly sandblasted, rust repaired, primed in red, floor partly reinforced for roll cage and additionally seam welded.
Conversions were originally made in 1992 as to be a spare body for a forest rally car. Since then body has been stored in cold warehouse and minor rusting has unfortunately already occurred. Very suitable for historic rally car, or normal use as a vintage vehicle. Offered is mostly the plain body (with identity, papers and chassis number) The doors, bonnet and rear lid, as well as the front wings and windows for this body should also be still available. Find any interest? If so, kindly contact by email: hojanen63v(at)gmail.com or by phone (or SMS)
Tlf. +358-400-434363


Land: Finland

Telefon: +358-400-434363

Harri Ojanen
email: hojanen63v(at)gmail.com
Tlf. +358-400-434363 (phone or SMS)
Location (Zip & City):
FI02940 Espoo, southern Finland

Item location

  • Viinikankaari, FI01530 Vantaa, Finland Route


Sunbeam (Hillman) Avenger 2D body Sunbeam (Hillman) Avenger 2D body Sunbeam (Hillman) Avenger 2D body Sunbeam (Hillman) Avenger 2D body