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1/17/2020 9:12 PM

Racecar and is Golf 1 / 2/3. intake jenvey 48mm, camshaft+piston hartmann motorsport

1/20/2020 11:26 AM

continuously variable camshaft timing and drive by wire throttle. These ECU's include the following enables ... Ignition Cut (flat shifts) Overrun Boost Enhancement ‡ (anti-lag) Continuously Variable Camshaft Control ... Enables camshaft control with each cam independently adjustable in 0.5 degree increments based on RPM and ... outputs For functions such as camshaft control, drive by wire throttle, boost control, nitrous injection

11/22/2019 3:24 PM

motorsportpump. The engine comes with a new kent camshaft of choice and followers.

1/20/2020 6:09 AM

, Main bearings, Camshaft, Gears and timing chain, Water pump with pulleys, front Dumper, Support and

11/19/2019 7:10 AM

plates valves upper new - 16 plates Valves up new - 16 Valve springs new - 2 camshaft timing gears

10/2/2019 3:17 AM

Cosworth casting Block: Ford 711M Crankshaft: steel Pistons: new Camshaft: F1 intake; Megacycle 91261

11/9/2019 5:49 AM

hemispherical pistons and combustion chambers; camshaft profile Schnitzer; Dry carter with new 3-stage pump and

11/22/2019 6:36 AM

head, camshaft, dry sump low is original BMW Motorsport 320is Superturing. Aluminum cam cover. New Oil

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