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1/27/2018 8:17 AM

CITROEN C2R2MAX Complete New Engine


Price: 5000


-crankshaft is polished and balanced with flywheel
-cylinder heads also are prepared in our CNC company with new valve
guides. It is perfect assembled with intake.
-valves are high flow and extra light- comes from SINUS
-valve springs are gold and comes from PAC RACING SPRINGS, I prepared
over 30 engines with those springs and never had any broken
-conrods and main bearings comes from KING RACING, high performance
trimetal material
-timing tensioner full mechanical from C2S1600
-spark plugs comes from C2S1600
All engine is compatible with FIA homologation

Perfect working condition


Telefon: +44754903641

5 Jubilee Road
Siddal,Halifax,West Yorkshire HX3 9LD

Can be shipped