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11/8/2018 7:15 AM

Judd V8 F1 camshaft cover


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Pair of cam carrier cover for the V8 Judd F1 / F3000 engine of the '90s
This pair of punching lids is a rare item that can be used on a running engine or held as Formula 1 rugs in the '90s.

The Judd engine obtained the best placement in 1991 at the San Marino Grand Prix at the Enzo and Dino Ferrari Autodromo in Imola; where JJ Leto (Jyrki Järvilehto), on the car of Scuderia Italia, came 3rd behind Ayrton Senna and Gerhard Berger (on McLaren Honda) starting 16th

In particular, they belonged to a collector who lent some of his cars and relics to the Ron Howard RUSH 2013 film that tells the intense rivalry between Formula 1 riders James Hunt and Niki Lauda

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Judd is a British motor home owned by Engine Developments Ltd.
Founded in 1971 at Rugby (Warwickshire) by John Judd and Jack Brabham, three times world champion of Formula 1, the company originally was born to produce the Brabham trainer engines and became one of the first motor homes authorized by Cosworth for maintenance and the construction of their famous DFV engines, but later expanded into several areas of motorsport.
Judd has provided engines or parts of it to numerous stables including Honda, Yamaha, Mazda, Toyota, Nissan, and in the past also those of Formula 1 Williams, Lotus, Tyrrell and Arrows.
Much of its activity is geared to the supply of racing engines for Le Mans Prototype (LMP) vehicles, engaged in race endurance. Judd manufactures and sells two types of splitters: a powerful V10 engine of 5.5 liters for LMP1 class prototypes and 3.4-liter V8 engine (derived from the V10) used on LMP2 class prototypes. In addition to this activity, Judd builds for Lotus the 2.2 V6 Biturbo engine used in the Izod Indycar Series.
After Jack Brabham left Engine Developments Ltd, Judd was commissioned by Honda to develop a motor for returning the company to Formula 2 in conjunction with Ron Tauranac's Ralt team. After the series disappeared at the end of the 1984 season, Judd continued to develop new Honda engines. The first was the Judd AV, a V8 turbo engine built for the Japanese home adventure in the CART formula, used since mid-1986 by the Galles Racing team with Geoff Brabham. Branded as Brabham-Honda, scored fourth place in Michigan 500 in 1986. In 1987, the engine was used for the first time in Indianapolis 500. Brabham scored two seconds in Pocono and Road America circuits, and a third in the final race of the season in Miami.

In 1988, in conjunction with the March Stage, Judd developed a suctioned engine of Formula 1, in view of the ban on the turbocharged propulsion engines the following year. Using the V8 BV as the starting point, Judd produced a low-powered engine that could compete on the track and in the market dominated by the Ford-Cosworth V8 for the customer stalls that was the preferred choice for small stables.
After Formula One's farewell, Judd returned to Formula 3000 in 1995 by developing a new engine called KV, with a three-liter V8 V8 engine. Judd built monopoly engines, although later Zytek was in charge of maintenance. Although Judd ceased production of the KV engine and the Formula 3000 series ended in 2004, Zytek then used the engines as the basis for the A1 Grand Prix series propulsion units in 2005.


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