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11/22/2019 1:57 PM

Warrior 2.0l engine ultimate


Price: 6800


The engine will be complete and ready to fit in car.It had a full rebuild and never been used since rebuilt.. New Pistons, Springs, plus all the normal rebuild parts, plus dyno test.Compression Ratio which is 11.7 to 1

Warrior No. 0316
DA19/DA10 Cams for Tarmac use.
2.0lt On Omex ECU Injection.
Farndon Steel EN40B Crank
Steel Con Rods
CCE Warrior Pistons
Jenvey Throttle Bodies
Steel Flywheel with AP Heavy Duty Single Plate Clutch
Mild Steel 4 - 2 - 1 Exhaust manifold ( New tail )
Power : 260BHP at 7500 with 190lbsft of torque at 6250 . Max revs 8250



Can be shipped