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10/21/2015 12:54 PM

, Bilstein suspension.

12/31/2015 2:02 PM

brake 283mm - front tarmac suspension: Bilstein B16, - rear tarmac suspension: Bilstein B8, - OMP

1/18/2016 9:58 AM

Production date:2005 Class:E10 Transmission:manual Weight:860 Shock absorbers:front Bilstein 50mm ... (by kittela), back bilstein changed Wheel side:Left ... suspension rebuilded Bilstein. Hydraulic handbrake, lower arms with uniballs, LSD, floor protection plate

6/1/2017 7:24 PM

: Bilstein Gears: Sadev a lot of body parts and technical parts, turbo, diff .....

4/14/2019 6:34 PM

BMW E36 3,2 M3 for Sale. New Engine, Bilstein suspension, M3 6 speed dog box, 8 sperr

9/21/2015 3:06 PM

remmen, aangepaste wielophanging met bilstein schokbrekers, brandstoftank met twee pompen. Auto is een

6/27/2014 10:05 AM


4/7/2019 1:26 PM

6speed gearbox, slipped diff,Bilstein suspension,2,2 short steering,sparco seats,OMP steering wheel

4/8/2019 9:09 PM

. BILSTEIN B6. The safety cage IRECO-MOTORSPORT POLAND. Lots of parts, visible in the pictures. For more

9/21/2015 3:01 PM

, 1.9 engine, double 45 weber, electronik ignition, FIA homologization FULL cars. Bilstein shock

11/25/2015 10:07 PM

bilstein b6. Exhaust system serial. Hydraulic hand brake. Seat Bimarco (FIA), belts(FIA), roll cage. For

3/27/2016 10:40 PM

rebuild, Bilstein B6 shock absorbers, gearbox with LSD (specially adapted, synchronized type), fiberglass

4/12/2019 10:44 PM

turbo (power ≥400 HP; torque ≥500NM), rebuilt 2013. Suspension: Bilstein, customized for

4/12/2019 11:44 PM

Buchsen, Wavetrac Speere, Bilstein B14, Hinterachse, Traggelenk, Domlager, Spurstangen, Bremsen komplett

4/13/2019 1:23 PM

zx12r power comander autoblocante amortiguacion delantera bilstein amortiguacion trasera proflex es un

9/7/2015 3:13 PM

: large head with LSD), • shock absorbers: Bilstein B6 + new Eibach + polyurethane, • safety cage

4/10/2016 10:36 PM

speed Renault Rallys Bilstein Renault Sport front and rear 323 mm front discs with 4 pot calipers All

12/3/2016 12:24 PM

updates. New engine!! (0 km). Sadev dogbox and drive shafts, Renault Sport clutch. Bilstein shock

3/21/2019 11:35 AM

elettronica iaw 70 abarth scocca come abarth con rollbar saldato assetto bilstein abarth cerchi 9/16 abarth

4/16/2019 3:48 PM

, close ratio gearbox fully rebuild, bilstein shock absorber, adjustable torsion bars for tarmac, safety

10/1/2018 9:14 AM

: About 165 HP Production date: 1995/2017 Shock absorbers: Bilstein (Katona) Transmission: 5 speed ... mm, revisioned), 4-1 manifold (70 mm, acid-resistant), 4 Bilstein (Katona) suspension, DAS fuel

9/7/2015 3:17 PM

Shocks - King By-Pass Rear Shocks - Bilstein Booster Front Shocks - Powervamp Battery - HID Headlights

11/12/2016 2:45 PM

, Drilled and grooved discs, Bilstein steering damper, Heavy duty quick ratio steering box, Motordrive seats

6/4/2017 11:28 AM

, bilstein 50mm adjustibel front suspension, rear suspension with adjustible shockabsorbers, Sparco EVO L

6/12/2017 9:20 AM

Engine: Cosworth YB 16v Turbo Suspension: Proflex+Bilstein McPherson type Gears: FFD 7 speed Ford

4/18/2015 8:13 PM

… Suspension: Bilstein Group N shocks Body: WRC spec rollcage Full lightweight glass fibre body kit Interior

1/31/2019 5:20 PM

pumps, full roll bar fia, Greek HTP, pedal box, bilstein front 40 and rear 34 with top mount, rally

3/4/2019 2:06 PM

complete rebuild 0 km, suspension -Bilstein, uniboll topmounts, new brakes and calipers-Pagid racing pads 2

4/7/2019 11:48 PM

• Fuel swirl pot • Bilstein threaded suspension • Stabiliser bars H&R, polyurethane bushes • Zimmerman

4/10/2016 10:32 PM

. Suspension: BILSTEIN with adjustable height and CITROEN SPORT 24mm rear swaybar. Camshafts: CAT CAMS gr. N

4/10/2016 10:33 PM

brake power adjustment.Suspension: Bilstein. FIA-homologisated rollcage , battery: Pc680 Odyssey and

2/28/2016 6:03 PM

absorbers are made by Bilstein, disc brakes in front and back as well, brakes are renewed, new brake pads

6/8/2017 5:01 PM

with 2 piece halfshafts, 5.1 CWP with ZF LSD. -Suspension- Turreted Adjustable Coil over rear Bilstein ... dampers, Bilstein adjustable platform front struts with 300/100 inserts, alloy top mounts, GP4 alloy hubs

9/7/2015 3:12 PM

/brake and hydraulic, Adjustable pedal box, Adjustable bilstein legs, Adjustable bottom arms, Bronze bush

11/25/2015 9:58 PM

balans of the car suspension :Bilstein B6 with helpers you choose rally or highclimbing setup brake

3/27/2016 10:40 PM

wishbones at the front, Bilstein shocks, reinforced, Chassis: lightened and reinforced chassis, non FIA

11/2/2016 11:00 PM

Zündunterbrechung. Fahrwerk: Bilstein-9 Stufen verstellbar mit Eibachfedern. Bremsen: große Scheiben mit 4 Kolben

11/2/2016 11:04 PM

, Bilstein shocks, reinforced, Chassis: lightened and reinforced chassis, FIA homologated Rollcage, battery

6/10/2017 11:33 PM

4 rear gearbox mounting; Rear differential mounting to body as Gr. 4; Suspension Bilstein B6

4/6/2019 7:45 PM

included in price): Bilstein tarmac suspension, Sadev parts, lamp pods, rims and tyres, bumpers, brakes

4/7/2019 5:57 PM

avec disque Sachs. Levier de vitesse Volkswagen Motorsport. Châssis : Suspensions Bilstein rally R-Tec

2/8/2016 12:59 AM

: widened and reinforced wishbones at the front, Bilstein shocks with rose-joints, reinforced, adjustable

6/18/2018 10:37 AM

one hillclimb here as safety car. Car is in original condition exept shock adsorbers ( fitted bilstein

3/5/2019 9:08 AM

Bilstein with custom weight in H&R springs, everything fitted with poly bushings. -Wheels are 18” time

11/29/2018 9:49 PM

and rear - mudflaps 4. Suspension, direction and brakes: - tarmac suspension with Katona Bilstein

12/31/2015 2:08 PM

) again with OEM Full set of genuine track rod ends New Bilstein steering damper Both head gaskets

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