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6/8/2020 10:09 PM

, Gaz coilovers, 1030kg, 6 pistons front calipers, 320mm rear brake discs, sparco multipoint roll cage

6/16/2020 8:53 AM

Class:2WD Transmission:6 speed FIA homologe roll cage graphit metalic inside hidraulik handbrake

9/21/2015 3:01 PM

, FIA homologization roll cage, info: 0036305098770, email: muhelyz@gmail.com. and winghsgarage

9/21/2015 3:08 PM

, Ralliart Diffs, PPG Dog Box, Carbon RECARO Lightweight seats, Custom cage Roll Bar.

9/7/2015 3:17 PM

cage Roll Bar. gravel Specs, Build in 2013, Done only 1000KM Rally Stages, Brembo competition gravel

11/25/2015 10:07 PM

bilstein b6. Exhaust system serial. Hydraulic hand brake. Seat Bimarco (FIA), belts(FIA), roll cage. For

12/31/2015 2:02 PM

Tacoma V6 petrol 3.5, space frame roll cage, twin fox shockers, built in fire extinguisher, terra trip

4/10/2016 10:30 PM

and clean, roll cage according to FIA standards, comes with:OMP Intercom, co driver lamp, two locked

6/15/2020 7:52 PM

Class:Rally Raid T1 Nissan Navara for sale. FIA T1. Space frame integrated roll cage. Lexan body

9/7/2015 3:14 PM

roll cage. Log booked. Wide axel with big shafts. Comes with 14 new wheels and tyres. New car forces

12/31/2015 2:02 PM

with Quaife differential, - max roll cage Sparco 25CRM04 - seats FIA: Bimarco Futura, Mirco RS1

6/30/2020 6:34 AM

cc Turbo Diesel, 24 valves Gearbox Getrag BMW 5-speed Roll-cage FIA 2012. Interior Sabelt Racing. Gas

6/25/2020 3:21 PM

lamp fia roll cage padding fia roll cage padding spare boxes 3 x spare parts alloy boxes ... ;amp;quot; Rims 7 rallyraid uk attacama rims Tubular cage rallyraid uk ... fia cage Overall length Overall width 200cm Wheelbase 2900cm differential

7/4/2020 1:10 PM

;quot; 1 x18" map lamp fia roll cage padding fia roll cage padding Hydraulic manual jack 1 ... cage rallyraid uk fia cage Overall length 4.100 Overall width 200cm Wheelbase

10/19/2016 11:09 PM

fuel lines inside. Gearbox: 6-speed Spec-c with DCCD. Custom Cage Roll Cage. LIFELINE Rally

9/7/2015 3:19 PM

hydraulic jack, 1 per side Fuel tank: 480 litre FT3 GIPI Roll cage: FIA safety roll cage - November/2013

12/28/2018 2:57 PM

door S5 Shell, "exact replica" of the cars made by Prodrive including the full roll cage WRC ... welded shell from front to rear, custom cage "International Spec" Radiator and fans fitted in the ... WRC adjustable anti-roll bars front and rear Dynamics Suspension New Seat and Harness 6 Pot calipers

11/25/2015 10:05 PM

approved safety Roll cage; - Audi 2,2cc. 10 valve turbo engine ; - Audi Quattro 5 speed gearbox ... body kit It can be sold in several options: 1- Only chassis with body kit, FIA Sertified safety Roll ... cage and Original A2 Group B paint work (aprrox 11.000eur); 2-Fully prepared for the race (depend on

10/21/2015 12:49 PM

- 2012 No Accidents ! Complete set. - Roll cage : homologated FIA. - Two turbochargers and two

12/31/2015 1:55 PM

, electric extinguisher, sequential gearbox SADEV, safety roll cage J.A.S., xenon lightspod, gel race battery

12/31/2015 2:04 PM

years car was competing in the Polish Championship. Roll cage Ireco – full option, Short gear ratio 4,85

3/27/2016 10:43 PM

Speedline wheels with gravel and winter tires. Custom cages roll cage. Car has 8 events, never rolled or

11/2/2016 11:08 PM

. Straight exhaust pipe with sport muffler. Roll cage with the sertificate. Sport seats of Sparco. "

4/21/2020 6:20 AM

Weight 980 Kg. OZ Wheels magnesium Brakes Brembo gold series, Roll-cage approved for Supertars

5/24/2020 10:51 PM

electronics managemment build by ORECA. 525 HP and 77 MKG Torque Matter Roll Cage, Full 15 CDV6 Frame and arms

12/31/2015 1:54 PM

welded body KBT Roll Cage Price VAT 0%. Some small ZIP included in price. Cash payment possible. On

2/8/2016 12:55 AM

, Hydraulic hand-brake, EPS, Big gearbox tunnel, Dif tunnel, stainless steel exhaust system, Sparco Roll-Cage

4/17/2020 6:30 AM

, elaborated by Cerroni Motor Sport Tuning with: hydraulic handbrake; big brakes with double pump; cage roll

4/25/2020 6:55 AM

. Rear suspension with coil springs. Wheels 10 "ant., and 12" post. Roll-bar cage FIA 2012. Seats Sabelt

4/28/2020 6:46 AM

- 1397 cc; 120 Hp, just overhauled Gearbox Alpine 5-speed. Cage roll bar group A. Hydraulic handbrake

6/28/2020 1:54 PM

absorbers OHLINS. Roll cages CUSTOM CAGE Engine after full re-building (2013 september). Homologated: seats

5/28/2020 5:39 AM

torsion bars. Steering with steering disengaged. Looking separable. Roll-bar cage FIA with fiche. Bodywork ... . Technical passport FIA 2012. Certificate roll-bar. Tank certificate. Catalyst certificate. Last race

11/4/2015 12:44 PM

everywhere Custom 12 point + roll cage installed (.125 1.5 Inch DOM tubes used and stick welded by cage

4/10/2016 10:36 PM

, complete history files and ownership history. Original Ford Motorsport body with Safety Cage roll cage, GrA

6/29/2020 11:02 PM

. BILSTEIN B6. The safety cage IRECO-MOTORSPORT POLAND. Lots of parts, visible in the pictures. For more

6/10/2017 11:33 PM

Class:group 4 CommentsBase body original Quattro (with metal fenders); Full roll cage with DSMB

1/8/2015 12:25 AM

Evoklinika.pl, it is one of the nicest rally cars in Poland. Custom Cages roll cage beautifully welded by

9/21/2015 3:09 PM

,roll cage made by safety devices Gearbox sequential septronic prepared NISSAN JATCO PARIS,air cooled

1/18/2016 10:03 AM

Lancer EVO 6 Group A for sale. Super light body with Custom cages t45 roll cage. Weight of car only

4/10/2016 10:29 PM

engine.Reinforced chassis,roll cage,plexi glass windows,rear windows replaced with aluminium panels,lightened door

6/26/2020 2:23 PM

3000 brake pads; Hidraulic handbrakes; Flocked dash; Carbon door panels; Homologated roll cage (made in

6/30/2020 9:08 PM

rallycar needs. -Welded cromo roll cage with FIA certificate -The most powerful dynotested Fin-R Civic in

7/1/2020 7:15 PM

bill of lading etc. Features: Full Ralliart FIA serial number roll cage (part no. racp940ie1) (fia 98

9/7/2015 3:12 PM

, OMP seats, top of the range Reiger dampers with roll Control, the best components, built by the Ford

2/8/2016 1:01 AM

safety cage, BMW M sports diff. 5.00. Sparco seats and belts. 23 rims and tires. Very reliable car, runs

6/8/2017 5:01 PM

T45 roll cage, 6 linked, fire walled, polycarbonate windows, Original large gearbox and large diff ... , adjustable TCA's and compression struts with a drop link anti roll bar. -Brakes- Vented 304mm front

2/8/2016 1:00 AM

Cages, - T45 certified roll cage, seat brackets mounts, black matte interior, new rear frame mount with ... caster adjustment, knuckles with all new roll center adjusters, 26mm front sway bar, ARP studs with

6/27/2020 1:55 PM

arretrato per giusta distribuzione di pesi, roll bar multi punti saldato ai duomi, top mount anteriori e

4/10/2016 10:28 PM

” installed. Chassis covered with aluminium plate. Roll cage coherent with FIA International Sport Code

6/26/2020 2:32 PM

roll cage (made Mr. István Gál in Hungary); MIRCO RS2 Co-driver and driver seats (black-white-yellow

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