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1/30/2020 5:06 AM

Abarth 695 SS


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  • Car: Fiat 500


Fiat 500 R chassis, replica 695 ss.
Engine Fiat 126 double cylinder OHV just revised, increased to 700 cc. Super-balanced engine shaft. Carburettor 32 double body. Abarth Oil Cup increased. Electronic ignition. Competition air filter. Sporty Scooter in Stainless Steel. Electric petrol pump.Alternator new.
Gearbox 5-speed, with selector
Front disc brakes. Sports suit, running. Alloy wheels. Abarth dashboard. Pantograph.Sporty leather interior. Sports steering wheel.Abarth original coats of arms. Rigid Roof.
Original plate, the car had only 4 owners (including the current one)
Old style booklet. Certificate of Historic ASI.
After the review, the car attended only 3 events.
Last Event: 7th Memorial Giulio Bertoli 23/4/17

For price, more info, more pictures and video visit our website: http://www.moreschi.info/auto.htm


Land: Italy

Telefon: +39-038642545

For price, more photos and more info on the car visit our website
Tel. +39-038642545
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Item location

  • Via Enrico Fermi 4, 46020 Quingentole MN, Italy Route


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