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9/1/2018 9:07 PM

Dallara 393/4 Formula3



The car was sold directly from the Dallara factory to the world famous Ravarotto Racing Team in 1993 and raced in the Formula 3 Championship for several years. In the enclosed photos you can see the car with the official colours of the Ravarotto Racing Team (Black/blue/red) while now it is painted in the Blue/Yellow colours.
It has a Fiat Abarth 2 litre 16v motor prepared by Novamotor, controlled by it's original Magneti Marelli electronics, carbonfiber chassis in perfect condition.
The car was initially raced in 1993 by the Ravarotto Racing Team and driven /tested by well-known drivers (Fisichella, Boldrini, Ventre), subsequently, in 1994 it was driven by Bader and Gollin.
In the following years it was raced in the French Formula 3 championship by drivers such as Jeremy Charon, Palmyr and Pascal.
At the end of its career, it was purchased and used for several years by a successful French driver until it was purchased by me, finally returned to Italy and occasionally driven on track-day events at Lombardore and Tazio Nuvolari circuits.
The car is sold with lots of spares, including a digital dashboard and several body and mechanical parts.let me know if you need a full list and I can make one.

Price, inclusive of all spares: Euro 28,500
Transport with my trailer can be arranged.


Telefon: 00491752467405

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Dallara 393/4 Formula3 Dallara 393/4 Formula3 Dallara 393/4 Formula3 Dallara 393/4 Formula3 Dallara 393/4 Formula3