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4/13/2018 2:00 AM

Audi S2 Gr.A ex Manfred Stohl


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  • Car: Audi S2


Factory date:1997

Audi S2 Original Factory Built 1997 The car has been built by Audi Motorsport Department for Rudolf Stohl in 1997.
It has a Lehamn Motorsport tuned engine. In a Group A rally spec it has 285BHP with a K24 turbine and purpose designed ECU.
In a Group H race spec it has 400BHP with a K27 turbine and Shmidt Motorsport ECU. The car has been only used in hill climbs and two times in Poland Rally Champion.
The engine has 0km after revision and gearbox too(Hewland inset).
New rear differential. The car has alu suspension, floating break discs. The clutch is new(Sachs).
Obviously factory-built roll-cage.Safety system and inside equipment are new with homologation FIA. Fuel system with two Bosch 040 pumps and double fuel line(new).
The car is in a very good condition.
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Price: ask



Land: Poland

Telefon: 000

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