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12/31/2015 12:56 PM

Bmw E46


Price: 19500 EUR


  • Car: BMW E46


Production date:2000
Class:Group N

Transmission:5 speed DOG BOX

Shock absorbers:Öhlins
Wheel side:Left

Built at 2013 from an accident free chasis, with M50TU 2.5 engine, tune computer, 7700rpm redline, close ratio dogbox gerabox, LSD 8 disc racing diff, 5.28 ratio final drive (Original BMW Motorsport) double butted output shafts, E30M3 racing flyweel and clutch, cerametalic disc, full stainless mainfolder and exhaust system Öhlins adjustable suspensions and spings, Motorsports rubber mountings, Brembo racing brakes, Odyssey racing battery and wireing. FIA homologue interior: WRC rollcage, Schrott 6 points 3" seatbelt, Bimarco seats, carbon coverage. 18" original E46M3 wheels and Michelin slicks. info : kreicsibalint@hotmail.com phone: 0036302993063


Land: Hungary

Telefon: +36305098770

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