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2/28/2016 4:55 PM

Bmw X6 139467


Price: 100000 EUR


  • Car: BMW X6


Production date:2013
Class:Rally Raid T1
Power:385 HP

Shock absorbers:Reiger
Wheel side:Left

Engine Dodge Viper SRT-10 8.4L V10;
Capacity 8.4L,
Cylinders 10,
Performance 385 HP/ 875 Hm,
Top speed approx. 200 km/h,
ECU Autolife;

Transmission Gearbox Sadev 6 speed dog ring gearbox, with sequential gearing, central LSD diff lock,
Clutch Tilton’s 7.25″ OT-II metallic racing clutch, 3 plates,
Differentials Nissan Motorsport with LSD diff lock;

Body Tubular chassis Century racing,
Steel and fiberglass body Century racing;

Brake system Front Poverbrake 6 piston with PB Discs,
Rear Poverbrake 6 piston with PB Discs;

Wheels 4 Rims Evo Corse,
4 Tires BF Goodrich;

Suspension Front: Independent front suspention with 250 mm travel and Reiger dampers,
Rear: Independent rear suspention with 250 mm travel and Reiger dampers;

Coolers Front: Water cooler with integrated oil coolers (front diff, steering system, engine), two SPAL fans,
Rear: Oil coolers for fuel, gearbox, rear diff;

Dimensions: Length 4750 mm,
Width 2000 mm,
Height 1900 mm,
Wheel base 2950 mm,
Track width 1750 mm;

Seats OMP First-R FIA Homologated (2016),
Seat belts Sparco 6 points harness FIA Homologated (2016);

Rally computer Terratrip 202 plus V3;

Fire-extinguishing system: Automatic FEV 3.0KG FX G-TEC +ADS (Advanced Discharge System) plumbed extinguisher system,
Manual FEV 1.75 Litre;

Fuel tank; Premier Fuel FT3-1999,
Capacity 500 litres;

Jack system Onboard hydraulic system


Land: Ukraine

Telefon: +380674674992

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Bmw X6  139467 Bmw X6  139467 Bmw X6  139467 Bmw X6  139467 Bmw X6  139467