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5/25/2020 6:58 PM

Datsu 240Z


Price: 19000 EUR


Class:Track Day

Full story, never crashed, original non-welded body. Imported from California.
Replica Monte Carlo. Great condition, ready to rally. Strong and fast.
Engine 2.8L 6 cyl. Power 200HP or 2.4L engine
Three double Weber carburettors 45.
The cylinder head modified according to the history.
Exhaust 2.5 `stainless Powersprint.
Holey fuel pump with pressure regulator
Suspension: shock absorbers and springs Tokico Illumina adjustable hardness and angle, urethanes.
Aluminum Radiator 10kg lighter. Shorter differential 3.9
Additional oil cooler.
Sparco seats, Sparco belts approval lost.
Tires Yokohama Advan 048.
The safety cage in accordance with Annex J.
Monte Carlo Red Color.
I would recommend. Contact: marcin.ptak @ im.pl, tel +48601505056


Telefon: +48601505056


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