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1/19/2018 11:00 PM

DS3R5 Parts


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Factory date:2014/15

For sale from DS3R5 2014 no EVO:
Used Parts !
Water cooler alloy 2x
Spal Ventilator 3x
Intercooler 1x
Power Steering Cooler 1x
Airbox 1x complete ( 2 Parts)
3 x Airfilters
Some alloy tubes
Some GFK Parts from cooling system
LDS Bottle with tube
Generator and its mountings

All EVO‘s
Complete Turbo
Turbo and restrictor in Parts
Thermo Pack Exhaust collector
Engine bloc used
Cylinderhead used
4 Pistons used
Rear bumper 2x
4x brake discs with 3 inner alloy pods
Ask for prices or give fair offer


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