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5/19/2018 9:00 AM

Fiesta S2000 Evo2


Price: £115,000


Factory date:2011

Ford fiesta S2000 EVO2 M Sport car spent its life in South Africa and was imported back to the UK October 2017. The car is for sale with large spares package and re-prepared ready to compete in an event. Engine 900kms(1500km’s), transmission inspected 1000kms(2000km’s), new clutch ,oils as per M Sport recommendations, currently in tarmac specification. New seats, HANs seat sparco belts dated 2021, extinguishers just re serviced at Lifeline. UK registration chassis number 16, Vehicle passport and MOT’d.Spares include complete running engine EVO2, rear diff damaged casing,Spare tarmac kit, full gravel kit,50+ tarmac and gravel wheels, LH upright complete, light pod HID, Alternator, starter, 4 shafts bare, dash, Hyllus, MFD unit, Master power relay,Wiper assembly, crank sensor, water temp sensor, various panels,Airbox assembly,Rad pack,4 sets endless brake pads, master cylinders, tarmac discs and bells, LH caliper etc the list goes on. Fullset of books from M Sport, laptop, M Sport programme with download lead,Mapped for supergreen unleaded.

Asking price £115,000ono, PX possible


Land: United Kingdom

Telefon: 00447813643319

Item location

  • Blackpool, Devon, United Kingdom Route