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10/22/2018 7:00 PM

Ford escort mk1 group4 powered by Burton


Price: 39900.00€


  • Car: Ford Escort


Factory date:5/1973

Ford escort mk1 group4 for sale.
With Burton engine (200hp) with dry sump.
2 double Weber DCOE carb’s.
Tony Law Exhausts manifold.
Large Alu radiator with electric fan.
Alu sumpguard.
Quaife Heavy duty gearbox (5 speed).
1-piece propshaft.
Atlas rear axle with ZF limited slip differential.
Bilstein adjustable height suspension at the front.
Bilstein rear shock absorbers with single leaf spring.
AP monte-carlo front brakes.
AP racing rear brakes.
Hydraulic hand brake.
Gartrac pedal box.
Gartrac short rack with electric assist.
Gartrac wcxm.
Race adjusttable tca’s.
Safety devices welded roll-cage.
Carbon air intake in the roof.
Lexan windows with sliding window.
Aluminum foamed fuelcell of 60 Liters.
2 Facet fuel pumps on aluminum bracket and fuel pressure regulator.
4 long-range lamps.
The car is sold with silver wheels (8 pieces)!
Selling price: 39900.00 €
For more information, you can call me at +32473521881 or e-mail timhuyghe@yahoo.com


Telefon: +32473521881