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11/4/2015 11:42 AM

Ford Fiesta 134830


Price: £26,000


  • Auto: Ford Fiesta



Just some information about the Rally car. It a 3 door Ford R2 built buy ATS Motorsport under the permission of M-Sport (so everything is approved FIA standard).The car is RIGHT Hand Drive.Basically Brand new and ready to go! · The engine has done a total of 440km of Special Stage Km’s (4 National Rally’s here locally) · New Side-Shafts are currently in the car · Gearbox has just been rebuilt (new bearings, 5th gear replaced and syncros)- 0km done · Suspension (full gravel spec) Reigers and Eibach springs-Fully re serviced and done 0Km’s · Car was fully stripped to shell and revamped and put back to Full R2 spec and ready for 2015 season · All upgrades are on the car –(only the upgraded callipers are not Upgraded) · The shell was built at the end of 2012 · Full homologation papers included · Seats are Cobra and belts are Scroth (valid till 2017) · Kevlar underneath and skirts (this can be taken off) · Navigator foot rest · Blower · Normal screen (would recommend a heated one for UK!) · A good spare package-can be sent via email (10 gravel rims,4 Dampers and springs,radiator's etc) · M-sport number- M-SPORT-09/2274-BR10010001/187 Car Located in South Africa - Can speak about Shipping cost's (More High res pictures can be sent on request)


Land: South Africa

Telefon: +27824105137

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Ford Fiesta  134830 Ford Fiesta  134830 Ford Fiesta  134830