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6/30/2020 7:08 PM

Honda Civic Type-R 115434


  • Car: Honda Civic



For sale Honda Civic Type-R, Japan Specs. Group Fin-R. Including all what good rallycar needs.

-Welded cromo roll cage with FIA certificate
-The most powerful dynotested Fin-R Civic in Finland, 258bhp (Special Motors)
-Motec M400 with datalogger
- Racing pistons and H-profile rods
- Engine desinged in Special motors http://www.specialmotorsengineering.fi/fi/ETUSIVU.html
- New clutch
- 4x Alcon Brakes (BIG and Powerful)
- Tilton pedals and pedalbox
-Öhlins TPX ( best gravel suspension system which Öhlins can support Civic EP3 )
- Uniball lower arms
- Kimteck dogbox ( need to service ) gearshift and everything works 100%, but differential bearings not sounds good. Service cost in Kimtec factory around 600-800€ (www.kimteck.fi)Nothing so difficulty if you make Civic gearbox service before?
- Winter and summer wheels, also some Michelin winter rally tyres
-OMP extinguishing system
-Atec seats and Sparco seatbelts (not valid after 2016)
- xenon headlights and 4x xenon Additional headlights
-underbody protection
-carbon doorpanels
-Peltor phone system, and also extra Peltor phones
-In same price many kind service of parts service parts like extra Type-R chassis, driveshafts, front axlebody.. Full trailer for these kind of spare parts.
EXTRA PHOTOS HERE: http://www.nettiauto.com/honda/civic/6245756
Here is video from 2013 summer, Jalasjärvi Rally Sprint where one time finnish rally 2wd championship Marko Mänty drive this car and was fastest driver/car on race. CAR INCLUDING 100% ALL SAME SPECS THIS VIDEO.
Dont hesitate to contact me email. jh.racing@gmail.com


Land: Finland

Telefon: +358400162165

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Honda Civic Type-R 115434 Honda Civic Type-R 115434