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9/5/2018 11:36 AM

LADA 1500S


Price: 6500


  • Car: Lada


Factory date:1974

Lada 1500S(model 1974) prepared for the historic regularity rally with the FIA HRCP (Historic regularity rallies car pass) and the following equipment:
 4-point harness „ Sabelt”, OMP competition steering wheel, Subaru seats, certified roll cages, racing brake pad shapes(Fenox) and front ventilated brake discs; hydraulic handbrake, racing exhaust system, 2 Weber carburetors, improved engine – 108 HP(Ligur Racing); electronic ignition system, 6×14 motosport wheels „AL Racing”, 5MAN gearbox, Plaza shock absorbers, interlocking rear differential(4,44), aluminum radiator, renewed electric beam, battery in luggage room, stabilizer bars with unibols
Participation in 5 Rally Monte Carlo Historic and other regularity rally


Telefon: +371 29233599