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3/27/2016 10:40 PM

Lada VFTS 140789


Price: 9000 EUR


  • Car: Lada VFTS


Production date:1994
Transmission:5 speed Dogbox

Shock absorbers:Bilstein
Wheel side:Left

Engine: Lada 1600cc, forged pistons and Niva connecting rods, big-valve and ported cylinderhead, ABT valvesprings, Custom steel Somogyi camshaft, WEBER DCOE 45 carbs 152G, lightened steel flywheel+Sachs clutch with sintered metallic plate, uprated ignition system, custom stainless steel exhaust system with 4-2-1 header, bigger watercooling system, Facet electric fuel pump. Engine data: 160bhp, max rpm: 8500 Straight-cut 5 speed gearbox (dogbox), reinforced Mitsubishi rear axle with LSD and 4.625 ratio. Brakes: Ferodo brake disc , Ferodo DS 3000 pads, hydraulic handbrake adjustable Wilwood brake bias, teflon brake hoses. Suspension: widened and reinforced wishbones at the front, Bilstein shocks, reinforced, Chassis: lightened and reinforced chassis, non FIA homologated Rollcage, battery int he trunk, polycarbonate side-windows, fiberglass engine-hood and trunk hood. Interior: Bimarco Grip seats homologisated till 2020, RRS 6 point, 3 inch wide harnesses till 2019. Fully re-wired, 15” rims, spare parts can be provided.


Land: Hungary

Telefon: +36304723023

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Lada VFTS  140789 Lada VFTS  140789 Lada VFTS  140789 Lada VFTS  140789