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4/14/2018 2:21 AM

Luke francis Evo 9 GPA/B13 high spec car


Price: POA


Luke Francis offers his very successful Mitsubishi evo 9 b13 rallycar

Built in 2015 by John Roberts

Steve Lancaster light weight shell

T45 cage

Full light weight build

Owens development GPA engine built may 2017 (100miles)

Owens development roller bearing turbo (100miles)

Drench sequential gearbox on rod change not cable (150miles)

Front and rear diffs VO type LSD units (150miles)

Front and rear Brembo VO brakes

Big high pressure diff pump

Motec ecu/diff controller and dash data logger

Cobra seats 2021 harness 2018

80L ATL tank in car mounted

Reiger RCV dampers

Very large spares package included

No expense spared


Land: United Kingdom

Telefon: 07500115782

Item location

  • Cwm, Shropshire, United Kingdom Route