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7/2/2020 3:51 PM

Mazda RX7 grp B


Price: 39548 EUR


  • Auto: Mazda


Brakes: S4 RX7 all round- 4 pot callipers
Pedal box: adjustable pedal box front & rear
Steering: 323 Mazda rack & pinion (new)
Cage: Built by Noel Rush FIA approved
Seats: new Corbeau Pro series – carbon/kevlar
Belts : New Stroth five point
Firer extinguisher – new fire eater plumbed system and hand held
Fuel tank: 66 litre
Trip meter
New suede steering wheel
Stack professional tacho

Fibreglass: group B doors, bonnet, front & rear wings and bumpers and nose cone.

Bilstien suspension: front & rear ( front adjustable )
Diff and rear suspension all rose jointed (new) 6 linked with watts linkage
5.1 cwp lsd

Gearbox : tranx alloy cased sl27 five speed direct top dog box

Clutch: Tilton twin plate (new)

New exhaust

Engine: 13B PP
PP- 48mm for low down pull
Carbon apex seals
Window bearings in stationary gears
Rotors are lightened S4 high compression

Some spares available at extra cost


Land: United Kingdom

Telefon: 01594823152

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