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4/2/2018 12:26 AM

Peugeot 207 Race / Rally Car.


Price: £18000


  • Car: Geo


Peugeot 207Gti Race / Rally LHD Car

the car was built in 2009 for a one make race series in Spain which ran for two seasons. The kit cost 57,000 euros. The cars engine, gearbox and ecu is fully sealed with Peugeot Motorsport seals which we have chosen to leave in place. We have been informed 260bhp was on tap and by the way it performs would agree 100%.

We have all the paperwork.

We bought the car and added the necessary to MSA log book the car.

It is a very reliable quick car with amazing brakes and handling which all make it so easy to drive with no vices whatsoever. A complete novice could drive it quick once use to LHD and its width.

This stunning bit of kit is ready to go and have many days of various motorsport disciplines without any serious costs normally associated with motorsport.

Spares included – the normal wheels and a box of bits pads etc.


Telefon: 07764515019