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8/8/2018 3:49 AM

Rare Unique Peugeot 205 Dimma


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  • Car: Geo


Factory date:12/01/1989

Ok, sit tight, because this is going to be a bit of a long story.

Up for sale is a unique, no expenses spared Peugeot 205 Dimma. Do not mistake this for 205 with bodykit, this is a -from the ground up, fully bespoke build, proper race/rally car.

This car started its life in 1989 as a French spec Peugeot 205 Rallye with a 1.3 8V engine and dual Weber carbs. I purchased the car in 2006 with plans to start using it in endurance rallying, because we (my dad and I) got our ass handed to ourselves in the 2002 World Cup Rally from London to Athens by Alastair Caldwell (former McLaren F1 team manager) in, you guessed it, a Peugeot 205 Rallye.

It took a while, but in 2009, we found ourselves at the starting line of the Casablanca Challenge, an endurance rally from London to Casablanca (which started not in London but in Kent and finished not in Casablanca but in Marrakech, but who’s counting….). It was tarmac all the way, but, of the kind that is dusted with fine marble-like grit that will catch someone out, the edges of the tarmac have to be avoided as they are all jagged edges and easy for those who try to straight-line the corners to rip the inside edge of a tyre, and then there is the odd pothole…which always can be found just round the far side of a tight corner. After 9 days of intense rallying, we placed 2nd Overall, behind, you guessed it, Alastair Caldwell in his trusted 205. Peugeot really did a number with this car.

Fast forward to 2012, we were facing the ultimate challenge we could think of for a 1300cc small hatchback. We lined up at the starting line for the 2012 London to Cape Town World Cup Rally. You read that correctly, we were planning to drive from London all the way to Cape Town on the first International Rally to pass Saudi Arabia, through Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nairobi, Tanzania and Zambia, with a small, front-wheel driven, 20-year old Peugeot. We must have been temporarily insane when we thought this was a good idea.

Anyway, on January 1st, we found ourselves on the London bridge, being flagged off for a month long, 15.000km endurance rally over gravel, sand, dirt, mud and anything Africa could throw at it. This was the first rally to stage a timed-drive with the clock ticking every day from Europe to Cape Town without recourse to airlifts or special shipping – the only boats involved were scheduled ferry-services, in a route that kept the wheels turning all the way, clocking up results daily with the successful survivors going home with trophies at the end of a very special rally-adventure. On January 29th, my dad and I, drove onto the parking lot of the Table Bay Hotel in Cape Town, after having completed the gruelling journey with no outside help. Not once did the trusty little Peugeot need a tow truck. Every night, the 205 reached parc ferme on its own power. We have seen sand dunes, elephants, zebras, cockroaches and the worst road in Africa on our way to Marsabit in Kenia. All the Peugeots lined up alongside each other, crews sat on the roofs shaking hands, camera crews snapped away, as families and loved ones who have not seen driver or navigator for a month threw their arms around grimy shirts that looked as if they have been worn for weeks. The stories and adventures unfolded in South Africa’s summer sun and the beer bottles lubricated dry throats, to improve upon the telling.
So, rocky goat tracks in Greece that followed on from dark woods in Kent and muddy tracks of the poppy fields of Northern France. Egypt’s Snake Valley, to the thousands that cheered us all the way across Ethiopia, the amazingly rocky track that is Kenya’s road to a place called Marsabit …Tanzania’s muddy jungle trails …to a country called Namibia, so vast, so open, and so empty, one driver remarked: “Does anyone live here?”

The 205 was shipped home and stored after this event. My dad and I had done the impossible, and were finished with rallying. A couple of years went by, until in 2014, the petrol flowing through my veins started to rear its head again. But I wanted to do something a little bit different. So after a couple (a lot…) of phone calls and internet searching, I managed to procure a Dimma bodykit, which was professionally installed The car was stripped to the shell and given a complete respray in ‘Blanc Banquise’ (which slightly more white than the original colour, giving the car a ‘fresh’ look).

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Land: Belgium

Telefon: 0031681424994

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  • Brussels, Belgium Route