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10/18/2018 6:44 PM

Skoda Fabia R5


Price: 157000 Euro


  • Car: Skoda Fabia


Factory date:2016

Skoda Fabia chassis #43A – TARMAC SPECIFICATION
Romanian runner-up in 2018 with Valentin Porcisteanu.

Very good and reliable car with 0 technical retirements during the season.
– Engine Specs 2017 (last software AVL061_17cw31)
– Multiple fuel maps unlocked (Panta Max WRC, ELF TURBO ADV-R, P1 S5, Carless DEV 2, OMV100)
– Diffs – 400 km from service
– Complete full service before last event (120 km)
– New clutch 200 km
– Steering rack – 400 km from service
– Wheel bearing new spec (more reliable and more mileage)
– New fuel tank and breathe system (including all 2018 updates)

FIA gold book available.
Also small spare parts package available (arms, unibals, clutch kit, bumpers, fenders, wheels, etc)

Complete Gravel kit available at EXTRA PRICE (400 km SS from new), bought in April 2018 (invoice Skoda Motorsport available).

Pictures and information on demand.


Telefon: +40722636856