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5/24/2020 8:51 PM

DS3 SuperCar 2013


Price: ask EUR (Euros)


Rallycross SuperCars (Div 1)
Owner: THEUIL Alexandre
Built: 09/2013
Engine: Citroen XU WRC
Suspension: Bos suspension CR60 CAS
Gears: Sadev SC90 Evo
Citroen XU Engine, with Tibuc Bang. Magnetti electronics managemment build by ORECA. 525 HP and 77 MKG Torque Matter Roll Cage, Full 15 CDV6 Frame and arms, brembo calipers and discs, Tilton Pedal Box, Ap racing. 12 Speedline whells 15",17"and 18". 3 MO Differentials, full Sadev shaft drive transmission. Full carbon interior. weigth mini with lest.
The car was new build, just one race at Lohéac.


Land: France

Alexandre THEUIL
+33 0622062503 contact@alextheuil.com

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DS3 SuperCar 2013 DS3 SuperCar 2013