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6/1/2017 7:12 AM

Subaru Impreza T16 4x4 Supercar


Price: 27,500 GBP (British Pound)


  • Auto: Subaru Impreza


Rallycross SuperCars (Div 1)
Owner: Simon Horton
Built: 2010
Engine: 2000cc
Suspension: Proflex 3 way adjustable
Gears: 6 speed STI
Subaru Impreza EJ20 quad cam 2.0ltr turbo engine (Cosworth pistons / eagle rods / Kent cams inc adj pulleys, Closed Deck Block, baffled sump etc) Engine power: Circa 530bhp Turbotechnics S206 turbo (inc 45mm restrictor) Simtek ECU featuring launch control, antilag and variable maps 6 speed STI JDM gearbox & STI Differentials OS Giken ceramic triple plate Prodrive 330mm 4 pot / Wilwood 310mm 4 pot brakes Rollcentre international multipoint R&D cage Widebody panelled. Carbon / Kevlar / GRP light weight panel. Multipul 17″ wheels & Avon rallycross tyres
Probably one of the most recognisable clubmans supercars in the UK and finished 4th in the MSA supercar championship in 2012. Regular A-final finishing car. Well deveploped car, easy to drive and reliable. Ideal base car for someone wanting to step upto the supercar class in 2013. You cannot go faster for the £££ Freshly repanelled after 2012 season.


Land: United Kingdom

Simon Horton
0044 0044 (0) 7771718186 simon@hortonracing.co.uk

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Subaru Impreza T16 4x4 Supercar Subaru Impreza T16 4x4 Supercar Subaru Impreza T16 4x4 Supercar