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5/10/2019 12:01 PM

Winning Rallycross SuperCar #2


Price: ?? SEK (Swedish Krona)


Rallycross SuperCars (Div 1)
Owner: Olsbergs MSE
Built: 2012
Engine: Mountune Duratec 2000cc 16V (2012 spec.)
Suspension: McPherson front, Double wishbone rear /Dampers - Ohlins 2012 spec.
Gears: 5 speed MakTrack
Pectel ECU, Tibuc manifold (special), Inconel exhaust, Garett turbocharger, Alcon clutch and brakes, whole MakTrack transmission, lightweight Montegi Racing wheels (2012 spec.).
Wining car with full revision. Updated to 2012/2013 specification. The body updated to 2013 Ford Fiestas facelift. The car is Ready for race allready. The package of spare parts and technical maintenance can be discussed separately. You are welcome to visit us for detailed look at the car.


Land: Sweden

Andreas Eriksson, Stefan Johansson
0046 705495909 or 0046 705860462 Andreas.Eriksson@omse.se

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Winning Rallycross SuperCar #2 Winning Rallycross SuperCar #2