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3/7/2018 6:36 PM

clio 2 rs


Price: 14000


  • Auto: Renault Clio


Clio 2 rs group N - made by Ragnotti homologation
motor group N, 186ch - 1 rally after revision
all bushings by powerflex
proflex 2 way - 1 rally after revision
gearbox Romano Bacci with syncro and LSD, 11x56
exhaust Renault sport 63mm
Renault Sport motor ECU
The car is made in 2013, never crashed, 1st place N3 in 2016 - Serbian championship
Seats and harnesses - expired homologation
With car goes spare 5 OZ F1 wheels and pirelli RX tyres
As option for smaller price car can be delivered with Renault sport Bilstein suspension (12.000) eur

onboard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oihiHy6WKkI


Telefon: +381641109915

Nenad Vicentic nvicentic@yahoo.com

Can be shipped


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