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7/27/2018 10:15 AM

For Sale: Opel B corsa GSI


Price: 10.000 euro


  • Auto: Opel Corsa


Transmission 6-speed asynchronous. Short ending
300 piston 4 front brakes. Disc brakes at the rear. Motor Gr A, 160 Le. Hydraulic handbrake. Tilt brake control. The engine, gearbox 0 racing km. Seats, belts new, homologous 2022 adjustable bilstein shock absorbers. Wems electronics, startup program, shift indicator, etc. There is a spare wheel of 6-8 pieces, 2 standard gearboxes F20, many small parts that do not have any photos yet. The car has an expired passport. I'm also interested in exchange.


Land: Hungary


Item location

The advertiser does not want to share their location. For more information, please contact them!


For Sale: Opel B corsa GSI For Sale: Opel B corsa GSI For Sale: Opel B corsa GSI