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9/9/2018 6:23 PM

Opel Astra G OPC A7/P13


Price: Because of 13.995 euros, option pendant


  • Auto: Opel Astra


Class: A7/P13
ECU: Emerald K6
Power: About 200 Hp
Production date: 2001/2006
Shock absorbers: Proflex 3-way, external tank
Transmission: 5 speed dogbox
Weight: 1138 kg
Wheel side: Left

Great & well maintained yellow rally car for sale Opel Astra G OPC 2.0 - Gr. A7/P13; Book Machine, with a number of paper tubes, sheets homologous (A-5613); Engine: 2,0 X20XER (about: 200 Horsepower), Weight: 1138 kg. Gearbox: 5 speed dogbox with L.S.D. Top speed: about 165 km/h, ; Suspension: after revision Proflex 3-way adjustable with ext.con; Emerald ECU; 70 mm exhaust system (with very nice voice); Brakes front: 307mm with FERODO DS2500 brake pads; Brakes rear: 264 mm with Ferodo DS2500 brake pads; Hidraulic handbrakes with Tilton; Flocked dash; Carbon door panels; Homologated roll cage (made mr. István Gál in Hungary); OMP HTE (XL) Co-driver and OMP WRC (L) driver seats (black) (valid 2017.12.31); OMP new 6 points Harnesses (red, valid 2020.12.31.) for H.A.N.S.; New OMP Fire extinguisher 4,2kg (Rally) + 1 x 2 kg Hands; about 40 rims with rally slick and gravel tyres, 15-16-17 coll; New race clutch kits with lightened flywheel (5,6 kg); New water cooler and heating radiators; 2 cm widening, with anchors; Crankcase; Co-driver lamp, helmet net, many-many parts, etc…AFTER TRANSMISSION, SHOCK'S REVISION AND the new BUILT ENGINE (288 sports camshaft, etc). Competition ready. Very nice Rally Racecar Contact: e-mail, Leslie Wheeler ( mr. László Kerekes / +36-30/3232-960; just speak Hungary) Price: 18.490,- € More pictures: e-mail E-mail: crashingmanase@gmail.com; If PayPal you want to pay, do not steal my time then! Price: JUST IN CASH. NEW POLISHING!!!!!!


Land: Hungary

Telefon: +36-30/3232-960


I just speak in Hungary!!!! E-mail write in English.

Item location

  • Miskolc, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén megye, Hungary Route


Opel Astra G OPC A7/P13 Opel Astra G OPC A7/P13 Opel Astra G OPC A7/P13 Opel Astra G OPC A7/P13 Opel Astra G OPC A7/P13 Opel Astra G OPC A7/P13