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3/1/2018 8:23 PM

Replica Skoda 130 RS


Price: 25000€


  • Auto: Skoda


For Sale replica Škoda 130 RS year 1974 with racing documentation SAMŠ. This rally special is valid for category P1, weight 880kg, 2 Weber Carburetors plus intake on top of head. Exhaust manifold 4 to 1, engine 152 Hp 170Nm, transmision with racing differential SIXTA(gears its under homologization LR) racing metalceramic clutch, racing flywheel Sachs. Rear suspension arms Molčan, suspension ajusting PROTLUM, front suspension rewelded exacly from old homologization documentation, racing steering unit, complete hard silentblock, stabilization bar 20mm, special safety plate under chassi for gas tank, transmision and engine. Hydraulic hand brake, brake Ferodo DS 2500 racing. Rolling cage homologization category ,J,. Intercom, Racing Seats FIA plus 6 points safety belts FIA, 2x fire extension. Brake lines, water cooling pipes and other lines are pull thru midle tunnel all brand new. Racing wheels Braid, tyres Dmack, Hankook. 
Racing Special for Rally and other Classics Rally Events Around Europe much fun with this true Racing Angel!


Land: Slovakia


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