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3/30/2020 6:03 PM

BMW 325i Challenge


Price: 12 000 EUR


  • Auto: BMW 325
    BMW E30


BMW 325i Challenge cars for sale.

Engine: M20B25 Gr. N ~ 185PS.

Gearbox: Getrag 260

Short shifter

Differential: S3,91 LSD

Exhaust: CMD Stainless Stell Race Exhaust

Suspension: Bilstein B6 adjustable height and stiffnes

Hard bushings

Stahlflex brake linings

8x15 Borbet rims with used slicks + oe rims with Michelin rain tyres

Original half tank.

Bimarco seat

RRS safety belt

GFK hoods and bumpers

Car weight is:970 kg

Price:12 000 EUR

Hungaroring lap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=OYpZRj3H9u4&app=desktop

Please contact Whatsapp or Viber +36204284508


Land: Austria

Telefon: +436803232310

team RCR

Item location

  • Wiener Neustadt, Niederösterreich, Austria Route

Can be shipped

Information on shipping: Transport is possible within 1500 km


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