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2/11/2019 12:17 PM

Brabham BT 40 F2 Cosworth


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  • Car: Ford


Brabham (Brabham Racing Organization) was a Formula 1 stable. The company was founded under the name MRD (Motor Racing Development) in 1962 by world champion Jack Brabham and technician Ron Tauranac, from their names the abbreviation BT followed by a progressive number to identify the Brabham cars. In 1972 Tauranac sold the team to Bernie Ecclestone and with the new management the technical management was entrusted to Ralph Bellamy. Moreover, again in 1972, in F2 it was decided to increase the power of the engines, bringing the maximum displacement up to 2000 cm³; using Cosworth and BMW engines, which dominated the seasons until '76.

Engine Cosworth BDA 1975 cc - 313 Hp, with Lucas Mk1 mechanical injection; new by Gathercole
Gearbox Hewland FG 400 n. 380
Only 9 built specimens of BT40 F2. Monocoque aluminum frame, completely overhauled in 2014.
New engine purchased in February 2014 by the English specialist David Gathercole Race Engines with bench test and test card. Weight 500 Kg.
Ready to race

Purchased by the CSAI Federal School of Vallelunga (Italian Automobile Federation) for tests and courses to the most deserving and promising drivers of the years '74, '75 and '76. Since '77, with the change of regulations and the performance overruns of subsequent models (Ralt, March etc.) the BT40 has been abandoned.
In 1978 it was bought by a collector from Turin and kept in the garage for over 30 years, without ever using it in the race.
In 2010 it was bought by Mauro Pane (F1 Storiche) which completely disassembled it and restored it in every detail completely new.
Completed only in 2014, after the death of Pane; after the revision he only took part in the 2nd Memorial Pane at the Tazio Nuvolari (PV) racetrack.
It can be used for historical car races or for the most prestigious events such as: Vernasca Silver Flag, Goodwood, Nurburgring Historic, Silverstone Classic, etc.

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