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3/23/2020 6:15 PM

Harley El Knucklehead 1937 Engine


Price: 6000


Original factory Harley 1937 Knucklehead motor
Surprisingly nice condition.All casting numbers, bellys and vin still clearly visible.Original complete 37 heads,rocker boxes,shafts,rockers,nuts,and correct "stepped" rocker tins for 37 (with reproduction screw set).Original 4-fin cylinders,pushrod covers,tappet blocks,cam cover,oil pump,original Harley #3 Champion spark plugs,and also includes the correct M-5 Linkert carburetor with correct original baby butt intake.Belly numbers are not matching but both cases are original 37 with no cracks.



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Harley El Knucklehead 1937 Engine Harley El Knucklehead 1937 Engine