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2/17/2016 6:33 AM

1958 Ford Edsel Ranger For Sale


Price: £12250 Or near offer


  • Car: Ford Ranger


Year: 1958
The car has a 361 cubic inch 6L V8 engine producing 303 brake horse power. This puts out 400 pounds ft torque.

It is M.O.T and tax exempt.

The car is a RARE model as it is a column change automatic (NOT teletouch). The car does not have power steering or power brakes (the Edsel is known to have problems with teletouch, power steering and power brakes). Only four Ford Edsel Rangers were made to this specification, but only three have been found.

The car has been fully restored since owning it , we are the only registered keepers in the United Kingdom and the vehicle was purchased in 1989.

It had an engine rebuild about 5000 miles ago.

We have had the dynamo replaced with an alternator which is more reliable, we also had the wipers switched to electric and had the headlights converted to both dip/both main beam.

There is also gas shocks fitted to the rear of the vehicle so the height can be adjusted. The front shocks have just been replaced with new units.

No expense has been spared and has been well looked after with regular cleaning and maintenance. It is a real head turner and has been used for many weddings, proms and special occasions.

If you would like to know anything else please do not hesitate in contacting Shane.

Thank you.


Land: United Kingdom

Contact phone:07043 240412

Item location

  • Portsmouth, Hampshire, United Kingdom Route


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