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6/21/2016 3:45 PM

1965 Porsche 911R replica For Sale


Price: £139995


  • Car: Porsche 911


Year: 1965
Porsche 911 R replica specifications:

Engine with magnesium carter twin spark. Weber 46 IDA with Main jet 160 and air corrector 210. Venturi 40. Camshaft R.
Lightning flywheel. Racing Clutch.

Gearbox 915 with LSD 40%.

Big Brakes with aluminium calipers which are the original Porsche ATE. Green EBC pads on the front and Blue Pagid on the rear.

The Car weighs just 830kg and the engine has now over 220 hp having just been rebuilt and has zero miles on it.

Recaro replica period seats. The instruments are very rare with a 250km/h tacho and a rev counter to 10000 RPM, pressure, temperature and oil gauges are the green series ones as originally fitted by Porsche Competition on the first prototype 911 R, 356 Carrera & 550 rs.

Very importantly the Bilstein racing shocka and halfshafts have been reinforced.

The rims are original Fuchs. 7x15 on front and 8x15 rear with superperformamce Dunlop 315 tyres fitted.

The fuel tank is a race tank with Detostop and it's 65lt.

There are all street legal documents and HTP FIA papers.

This Car was/is a 1965 Porsche 912 it was built as a 911 R in 2008.

The shell has lightweight front wings with the correct R air inlets. The doors are lightweight with all perspex windows, with the correct leather strap and manual sliding windows. The interior is immaculate, with a thin lightweight carpet, and roll cage.

A race log book comes with the car from Italy as the previous owner was Italian.

The original Italian log book, has been retained by DVLA with a letter to prove this, a copy is available to verify the car's chassis number, and previous owner in Italy.

I have viewed an photgrahped this car myself and it nothing short of outstanding.


Land: United Kingdom

Contact phone:07970 736644

Item location

  • Beverley, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom Route


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