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9/4/2015 3:04 AM

Autobianchi A112 Abarth 70HP 5 speed Fia car For Sale (1979)


Price: £8900


  • Car: Autobianchi A112


Year: 1979
on sale a fast A112 Abarth 1050cc., 70HP, 5 speed with close gear ratios made by Bacci, bevel 11-63, balanced engine about 90HP ; it is supplied also the original engine, complete and working, (Matching Number, frame A112B * 2029612 - Engine A112 A2.000 * 0081537).
Car it has italian V5 and MoT, original plates, FIA HTP number I-5595, category Series Prod. Touring car, Period : I (1977 to 1981), Class T31,
and CSAI Technical Passport n. 25720. For export will be supplied with the Export Document and original V5 stamped 'cancelled' .
Engine details :
- Suction valves diam. 31 - exhaust diam. 28
- Rods weight stacks gr. 239.9 + caps gr. 77.9 = 1 rod complete gr.
317.8 (original rod gr. 388)
- crankshaft, flywheel & rods has been extremely polished and balanced
- Balancing of the entire rotation mass
- New compression ratio
- Head engine tuned with larger valves
- Dry clutch copper
- No self-locking
- Roll-Bar cage type made by Sparco and homologated
- Fuel tank foam anti-explosion system EXCO approved
- Strut brace engine
- Extinguishing system with all pipes rally approved (cylinder missing)
- Battery switches inside and outside
- Active-extinction rally inside and outside.
- Fast-fitting hooks front and rear lids
- Lowered suspensions
- Provision for extra tachometer installed
- Racing pedals
- Racing single seat approved and expiring 2016
- Racing exhaust
Bodywork: in good conditions, but the right door was badly repainted and must be redone, the original colour is dark grey metallic, black interior.
The car is supplied with ALL its original parts, except the tailpipes.
The bench and the front seats have liners to be redone, but they are the originals. The original steering wheel has the skin to be redone. All instruments are original. In addition to the engine preparation mounted on the car and the engine and gearbox matching numbers, there are a lot of parts about to build another car.... as follows :
4 BWA racing rims 5.5 x 13
4 slick tires 13'' (very old)
4 original Abarth wheels with tyres
1 original bonnet
1 original tailgate
2 original doors
1 original carburetor
1 Abarth exhaust manifold
1 brakes pump
2 back suspension arms
1 crankshaft pulley
2 pairs of gearbox casing
2 series of bushings
2 series of squared instruments (oil pressure and temperature, water)
1 set of round (press. Oil + battery + temp. Oil)
1 oil pump
2 original seats with backrests
1 rear bench
1 rear parcel
1 pan brakes
1 distributor cap
1 thermostat
1 rocker valves
2 engine mounts
1 complete gearbox 5 speed and various spare parts for it
1 Abarth engine block (not working, rusty, but you can recover the block
by removing the pistons)
2 fans for water radiator, 2 for engine and 1 additional
2 front springs and dampers various plates
1 tank radiator and 1 cup washer
1 oil cup
1 water cooler + 1 oil cooler
1 heating system
2 supports spring for shock absorbers
4 full front brake hubs and 2 rear
1 steering box
1 torsion bar
2 crossbows
2 + 1 right axle shafts left
1 gear transmission and 4 gear supports
1 referral steering
1 new clutch kit and 2 second hand
etc. etc. etc.....

NB: The Fusina replica seats in photos are not included in the sale.

Car is in the NW of Italy, it can be seen and tested by appointment.
I'm a private, not a dealer. Price requested is : £ 8.900 plus £ 100 for export papers. Mail or phone Vic


Land: Italy

Contact phone:+393387797717

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Autobianchi A112 Abarth 70HP 5 speed Fia car For Sale (1979) Autobianchi A112 Abarth 70HP 5 speed Fia car For Sale (1979) Autobianchi A112 Abarth 70HP 5 speed Fia car For Sale (1979) Autobianchi A112 Abarth 70HP 5 speed Fia car For Sale (1979) Autobianchi A112 Abarth 70HP 5 speed Fia car For Sale (1979) Autobianchi A112 Abarth 70HP 5 speed Fia car For Sale (1979)