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12/11/2019 5:40 AM

BMW 735i E32


Price: 900 €


  • Auto: BMW 735


In 1986 the House of Monaco launched a new generation of luxury 7 Series cars, distinguished by the E32 design code and in charge of replacing the now old BMW E23; with news and various electronic gadgets for the interior.
The line is more streamlined and streamlined than that of the previous model, it was signed by Ercole Spada.
With elegant interiors, well finished and complete with all accessories (including the dual-zone automatic climate control system) and automation (automatically operated rear headrests and various electrical servomechanisms).
The E32 model was produced from 1986 to 1994.

The body is sold on wheels but without engine, gearbox and differential.
Car of 1990 and stopped since 1995, and at the time had traveled a few kilometers.
Electric front seats with memory
Gas plant
5 original BMW style BBS wheels
Bodywork with dents and scratches
Without documents, it is sold with an invoice.

Parts and pieces can also be sold separately.

For price, more info, more pictures and video visit our website: http://www.moreschi.info/auto/bmw_735i.htm


Land: Italy

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For price, more photos and more info on the car visit our website
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Item location

  • Via Enrico Fermi 4, 46020 Quingentole MN, Italy Route


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