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7/13/2015 8:58 PM

BMW 3 SERIES E30 320is (Italian M3) For Sale (1988)


Price: £11950


  • Car: BMW E30
    BMW 320


Year: 1988
The 320is it is a version of the M3 that was made for Italy and Portugal due to engine size restrictions at the time. Essentially it has the same running gear as the M3 but with a 2ltr rather than 2.3 ltr S14 engine.

From a motor sport perspective its very interesting as it allows you to compete in a sub 2 ltr class with 95% of an M3. If you look back at the touring and rally cars from this era this 2ltr form was very well regarded at the time.

About this car..

Over the last 3 years I have been rebuilding this car from the ground up. The list of work is extensive to say the least but now its complete I have pretty much lost my mojo for racing so I am considering selling it.

The high level points are...
Origionaly manufactured in May 1988
1st Registered in in Italy the same month
Imported into the UK early 2000 for parts, never being registered in the UK at the time.

I purchased the shell, engine, loom etc.. then obtained a gearbox, LSD and a huge number of other parts to be able to complete the build.

After completing the build I have run the engine in and registered the car in the UK with full MOT, V5 etc. The car shows 1st registered in the UK sept this year with 6 miles on the odometer.

A full cage has been fitted, going down to the diff, through to the front turrets.
The floor has been re enforced for safe race seat fitment.
All bushes replaced with poly or OEM M3 components
Control arms replaced at the front, refurbished at the rear.
New clutch & lightened flywheel
Complete engine rebuild with pocketed pistons and conservative Hartge fast road cams
Full race exhaust
Oversized rad with new fan for improved cooling
Rebuilt dogleg gearbox
New fuel pump
All pipe work through the car (brake and fuel)
Front brakes WMS 4pot on 295mm discs, rear re furbished BMW
Driver adjustable brake bias valve
Suspension GAZ 2 way independently adjustable with remote canisters, main and tender springs
Eibach adjustable front and rear ARB's
Cobra race seat
FIA approved Ricco Harnesses
Full plumbed in extinguisher
Race technology DASH 2 system
Currently sitting on a set of road wheels with Khumo road tyres.

All of that is included in the £11950 asking price.

By separate negotiation I have a spares package including 8 brand new Team dynamics wheels 6 of which have Marangoni trackday / race tyres fitted (similar to R888 or 048R's)
Numerous spares including
control arms,
Front body panels,
Front engine cross member
Original clock set
Several sets of spare lights
Steering rack
Fuses, relays
Exterior trim,
Spare glass
Spare ECU
And lots more useful odds and ends.

£13750 for the whole lot


Land: United Kingdom

Contact phone:07043 237394

Item location

  • Tiptree, Essex, United Kingdom Route


BMW 3 SERIES E30 320is (Italian M3) For Sale (1988) BMW 3 SERIES E30 320is (Italian M3) For Sale (1988) BMW 3 SERIES E30 320is (Italian M3) For Sale (1988) BMW 3 SERIES E30 320is (Italian M3) For Sale (1988)