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1/5/2016 3:52 PM

ESCORT RS2000 Mk2 Group 1 Jagermeister replica. For Sale (1976)


Price: £39500


  • Car: Ford Escort


Year: 1976
This car is presented as a replica of a Gp1 RS2000 raced / hill climbed in 1981 in Germany. The Jagermeister livery is authentic for that car, confirmed by a Scala43 limited edition 1/43 scale model of the original marketed several years ago.

This car for sale car was built to FIA Period I, class T34 spec. It has an HTP until end of 2025. UK Road registered with current MOT. One event only since build! (Goodwood Members Meeting 2015) All mechanical components new at that time.
Built using a donor Dec 1976 'broadstripe' car, with correct GCAT chassis number. The shell was comprehensively restored, and strengthened / seam welded during the work. Seat mountings for driver and passenger were also incorporated. Fitted with a 10 point 'period' bolt in cage with door bars, Sparco Rev drivers seat (Valid until end 2019), and TRS 6 point harness. Lifeline 4kg mechanical plumbed in extinguisher.
Scholar Racing Engines built Gp1 Pinto, specification close to period. 44idf Carbs, plus original Ford Gp1 aircleaner. Currently fitted with tubular exhaust manifold (repairable cast version included with spares) with both 2 box (quiet!) or side exit unsilenced exhaust.
TranX close ratio Rocket box, single plate paddle clutch, one piece prop, H/D gearbox mount and lever. 'English' rear axle fitted with new 3.77 CWP and plate LSD. Included in sale is a built up 4.1 (original Ford) ratio diff with LSD, and a used Ford 10/39 CWP. Quaife Gp1 half shafts fitted.
Massive endurance foam filled fuel tank (100 litres +), twin Facet pumps and Mocal quick fill dry break filler. (1 matching churn included.)
Front suspension uses new short strut bodies with adjustable platforms, GAZ adjustable inserts and camber adjustable top mounts. Also included, fixed platform struts with Bilstein tarmac inserts and non-adjustable top mounts. Standard RS2 ARB fitted on double width mounts, with alternative thinner Twin Cam ARB and mounts included. Non adjustable TCAs, quick rack with Gp4 coupling, all poly bushed and mounted to World Cup crossmember.
Rear suspension using de-cambered 160lb single leaf springs and Bilstein non adjustable dampers. Axle fitted to car is homologated ARB type, with thickest Ford bar. All poly bushed. Also included is a normal RS2 casing with radius arms.
Braking system uses bias pedal box with strengthened pedal, front P16 calipers with Gp1 vented discs and 9" rear drums. Fitted Pagid pads and Kellate linings. Standard h/brake retained. All hoses aeroquip type.

Inspected and recovered wiring loom, high output ACR alternator, Varley battery on original tray. (Now bolted in position, so removeable if required.) Cooling fan and pumps wired through circuit breakers, Heated Windscreen fitted, wired to original HRS switch and relay. FIA Rain light wired through original fogs switch. Standard instruments, but speedo not connected. New headlamps with expensive Phillips 55W bulbs. Inner lamps are ultra rare (NOS) Cibie Oscar drive lamps, not standard RS. Wiper mechanism rebuilt with NOS 2 speed + intermittent motor. Original side & rear glass is included with car, with alternative plastic currently fitted.

Fourteen (14) restored RS Alloys included with car, fitted 4 Yoko AO48 (road legal), 5 Dunlop CR82 (used for qualifying only at Goodwood), and 5 unused Avon slicks.

This car has to be seen to be appreciated. Built to a very high standard, hardly used and ready to race. Eligible for Goodwood Gerry Marshall Trophy again (subject to being invited), Motor Racing Legends HTCC, Peter Auto HTC and Masters 70s Celebration, to name but a few.....
Much photographed, plus featured in Retro Ford magazine and on GRRC Website!


Land: United Kingdom

Contact phone:07043 238756

Item location

  • Attleborough, Norfolk, United Kingdom Route


ESCORT RS2000 Mk2 Group 1 Jagermeister replica. For Sale (1976) ESCORT RS2000 Mk2 Group 1 Jagermeister replica. For Sale (1976) ESCORT RS2000 Mk2 Group 1 Jagermeister replica. For Sale (1976) ESCORT RS2000 Mk2 Group 1 Jagermeister replica. For Sale (1976) ESCORT RS2000 Mk2 Group 1 Jagermeister replica. For Sale (1976)