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2/15/2016 10:23 PM

Ford Capri 2.8 injection special For Sale (1986)


Price: £10750


  • Car: Ford


Year: 1986
It is with a heavy heart and huge sadness and regret that I have to sell my dream car. I desperately want to keep this car that I’ve had for 12 years, but I have exhausted all avenues and the last resort has arrived - it now has to be sold. It is an award winning car that has appeared at lots of classic car shows up and down the country and has appeared in Classic Ford Magazine, Capri Club international magazine, Ford calendars along with others.
This car has undergone a huge restoration at great expense and every little item purchased for the car over the last 12 years is documented in a spreadsheet as is the full restoration of the car.
The vehicle was sent to maximum application for restoration (who were a ford restoration specialist) it now has the beautiful original mineral blue paintwork. I designed custom made orange stripes which match the colour of the indicators, removed the side mouldings as they are a water trap and the over riders on the bumpers.
Standard 2.8 v6 cologne engine with a Kent V6t21 road race camshaft and K&N air filter. This engine underwent a complete nut and bolt strip down by Paul Wilkinson of ATS Leatherhead and was rebuilt with new piston rings, camshaft shells, big end bearings, oil pump, water pump, all gaskets, o-rings, seals and core plugs. Custom made chrome rocker covers and an oil sump pan were fitted along with custom made orange ht leads.
Original type 9 5 speed gearbox which was sent to Allgears in Kingston for a complete overhaul and new tailshaft. The gearbox now has the stronger Sierra XR4x4 layshaft fitted, all new seals and gaskets and has a quick shift adaption kit.
Sent to Feltham propshafts for balancing and new centre bearing was fitted.
Allgears in Kingston fitted a brand new quaife ATB limited slip differential. It drives like no other Capri i’ve driven
It has a stainless steel custom made Powerflow exhaust system fitted to standard cast iron manifolds. The sound of this Capri is like no other out there, it’s the best sounding Capri i have heard, without it being too loud.
Standard 2.8 injection special grey recaro half leather. The rear seat has a 3 inch rip, the front seats are in good condition with no rips or tears, there is a small nick in the back of the drivers seat. The headlining is missing on the sunroof as I recently removed it to replace it.
It has a Capri Club International parcel shelf with original parcel shelf fittings and carpet. The doors have the original speakers in them, there is no radio, I have never felt the need to put one in as the car sounds so beautiful.
Standard Capri 2.8 injection special 7 spoke rs alloys, which have the RS centre caps fitted.
There is no rust at all on the car except a small bubble on lower quarter of the rear drivers side wing just under the bumper.
This car comes with lots of spare bits and a fully documented history all the time i’ve owned it. Words cannot explain how gutted I am selling my dream car and the first to see and hear it will buy it. I want no promises of cash or cheque and no deposits. If you want this car I will require full payment by BACCS/Electronic bank transfer. I will not accept anything else. I may wish to buy this car back at some stage in the future and I really want this car to go to a loving home. I own an insurance broker and your car policy may allow you to ‘drive other cars’, but it is only Third Party Only cover. This means that my car will not be covered for damage if you crash it I can’t accept that so you will not be test driving my car on this basis. I will gladly take you for a spin. If you are a motor trader and have Comprehensive cover, then bring your certificate of insurance and proof of I-D which must be in the same name and address, and you can test drive it. I hope that’s clear. Don’t turn up disappointed that you can’t test drive it.
Bad Points:
It needs a headlining for the sunroof, the remaining headlining has a small tear in it, the rear seat has a tear, the front seat has a small nick.


Land: United Kingdom

Contact phone:07043 228776

Item location

  • Surrey, United Kingdom Route


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