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10/12/2015 5:39 PM

Formula Vauxhall Lotus For Sale (1994)


Price: £14500


  • Car: Lotus


Year: 1994
For sale
Car is currently leading the Northern Ireland Sprint Championship, former owners of the car spent many thousands on maintaining the car and keeping it to a high standard, car has been maintained regardless of cost and since my ownership this has been the same,
Car is setting immaculate and just had a new paint job at start of season, this isn't the usual FVL it's has 2L all steel Swindon race engine running on throttle bodies and alpha management system, engine is just after a complete check over and new twin paddle AP clutch fitted 3 meetings ago, engine in the excess of 279 BHP running a racing fuel currently,
The gearbox has been rebuilt and new dog gears and dog rings have been replaced along with bearings, the gearbox has been changed to 4 speed instead of 5 as This gives a stronger 1st gear for increase in power and reliability, there is a hewland LSD in it, the shocks have been serviced for the start of the season, car has had new planks fitted with the upgraded ones , 70% of all rose joints are new, brand new fuel pump and filter, the car has a stack Rev counter, new brake pads and disks where fitted at start of season, car runs of wider wheels on rear and front than it did on standard form, car is sitting atm ready to race and has fresh Avon slicks on it A15, this isn't your Normal FVL and is a competitive car, results speak for themselves , very quick car
The car will Come with spare gears and 3 sets of wheels ,
Only serious enquires only please, no time wasters or tyre kickers,

Contact me on 07823333484


Land: United Kingdom

Contact phone:07043 228688

Item location

  • Coleraine, London, United Kingdom Route


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