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4/10/2016 3:14 AM

Ginetta G22 For Sale (2000)


Price: £15000


Year: 2000
The car was built in 2000 by Steve Owen at OMS, based on an original Ginetta tub and bodywork (Ginetta built two cars in 1978, and a third tub/bodywork).

OMS were asked to follow the same basic line of the Ginetta chassis , but make it lighter, stiffer and stronger. The result was a spaceframe design (which the Ginetta did not have) which bears a very close resemblance to the OMS sports- racing car from the same period.

Mechanically, it is what you might expect from a small hill climb/sprint car. Brakes are Wilwood, hydraulics are Girling, and is powered with a fuel-injected Honda Super Blackbird engine running on DTA engine management. There are two sets of Revolution wheels, one set with new Avon A15, the other set are older used tyres These are still useable, There is also a set of wet tyres. The car is fitted with a full width, two element carbon fiber rear wing, while the brakes and other systems were overhauled in 2014, with all the master cylnders being replaced.

The car is offered for sale with an enclosed galvanized RacePod trailer, the trailer is long so This is ideal for the car, being light and great to tow. The trailer has a winch and a double tyre rack there is also plenty storage space for parts.

There is a spare engine which could be sold as well. There are also spares which would go with the car.


Land: United Kingdom

Contact phone:07043 229263

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